Bat for Lashes on How ‘Spiritual Ritual’ of Marriage Inspired New LP


As featured in Rolling Stone, 6/28/2016

Natasha Khan’s creative output is a mythology all her own. The singer-songwriter’s musical fables, performed under the alias Bat for Lashes, feature a variety of rich characters, from Two Suns’ cosmic warrior Pearl to the lovably damaged party girl in her 2012 single “Laura.” Khan’s new concept album, The Bride, out July 1st, stars a blushing belle whose lofty plans for holy matrimony are foiled after her fiancé dies en route to their wedding. From there, the title character embarks on her honeymoon alone, confronting her own personal demons on the path to self-discovery.

“Marriage is one of the few spiritual rituals we can collectively share as a culture,” Khan told Rolling Stone during a recent sit-down about the new album. “You can’t count on someone to complete you and make you happy forever. So what happens when you take the crutch away?”

Inspired by the work of David Lynch and Kenneth Anger, and loosely based on her own recent short film “I Do,” The Bride is a smoldering journey through the supernatural. For a few days, it seemed like the album’s promotional tour was too. Khan and her band were forced to scrap a recent planned live rendition of The Bride at Brooklyn church St. Ann and the Holy Trinity after the ceiling collapsed above the stage during their soundcheck. Then, later that week, torrential downpours would thwart their performance at Governors Ball.

Yet Khan emerged victorious onstage at a make-up show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, decked out in a black veil and cherry-red, Gunne Sax-like gown, ceremoniously tossing a bouquet into the crowd and plucking serenely at an omnichord. (“We’re the most depressing wedding band,” she joked.) Fresh from this disconcerting series of events, Khan seemed cool and composed – albeit a little spooked – when she met with RS at Warner Music HQ.

Read the full Q&A here.


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