Album Review: The Internet, ‘Ego Death’

(Crossposted from Rolling Stone, 9/10/2015)

Odd Future crew makes inviting, heartbroken funk-soul album

the internetSmoky bedrooms and stale airport terminals set the vibe for the third LP from the Internet, the Los Angeles funk crew fronted by singer, songwriter and lovelorn Casanova Syd tha Kyd. Over 12 warm, spacey tracks, Syd reappropriates the satin romanticism of classic Seventies soul for 21st-century girls who want to be with girls. She’s got help from an impressive guest list of rising left-field stars: Janelle Monáe sends “Gabby” spiraling into a mournful waltz, while Syd’s Odd Future pal Tyler, the Creator kicks off the kind of block party that dreams are made of in “Palace/Curse.” The best tracks fade away into gravity-defying instrumental outros that make Syd’s heartache feel sublimely serene. (3.5)

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