Chicago Rapper Tink is Ready to Reign in 2015


(Crossposted from MTV Iggy, 12/31/2014)

Tink was just a junior in high school when she dropped her heavenly 2012 mixtape, Winter’s Diary. In collaboration with DJ Hustlenomics, Tink assumes the role of both MC and one-woman choir in Winter’s Diary, delivering snappy, playful bars and soulful, confessional slow jams with the same finesse. But as a particularly enterprising wunderkind, the high school student would not just wait around to become the next major-label lady rapper; Tink would double her production levels, putting out a whopping five mixtapes in two years.

It was in 2013 that her fourth mixtape Boss Up saw her evolve from a spunky cherub into a more formidable rap demigoddess. The unyielding, authoritative force of her rhymes caught the attention of renowned hitmaker Timbaland, who described his chance encounter with her music as an act of divine intervention. With the encouragement of Timbaland, she signed to his label, the Mosley Music Group, under the banner of Epic Records.

“I can’t stop workin. I need a [million] by age 21,” she tweeted earlier this year, setting the bar for 2015 sky-high. And she’s certainly on the right track: 2014 has been quite a fruitful year for her.  She’s scored a plethora of cross-genre collaborations with acts like Future BrownHow to Dress Well, and Sleigh Bells. She also throws down in an early (and for whatever reason, unreleased) version of Rick Ross and Jay Z’s “Movin Bass“ — in which she eagerly skips ahead of the veteran rappers to finish their verses. But her evolution as a rapper took a turn for the revolutionary in November, when she dropped her most somber track to date, ”Tell The Children.” A heartrending indictment of widespread police violence in the United States, Tink penned the song in response to the epidemic that hit boiling point in late 2014 with the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. “A badge is a pass to do whatever,” she proclaims. “So now we living in fear of the people here to protect us.”

Tink is currently at work on her full-length debut with Epic Records, anticipated for release in 2015. Stream “Tell the Children” below.


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