Album Review: New Found Glory, Resurrection, 2014

720x405-Unknown (Crossposted from Rolling Stone, 10/21/2014)

After losing a key member, pop-punk dudes get aggro

These Florida pop punks are best known for their peppy breakup ballads, but this year, NFG throw down. Their fiercest release to date is also their first album without guitarist and lyricist Steve Klein, who checked out in 2013. (He was later charged with lewd conduct with a minor; he has pleaded not guilty.) Their crafty wordplay of yesterday has been filed into more pointed jabs, bolstered by deliciously 2000s gang vocals. “You wanna play with fire?” they shout gruffly. “I’ll burn you down!” Lone guitarist Chad Gilbert ups the ante with memorably intricate riffs that stick like taffy in “Selfless” and “Ready and Willing.” For a comeback, Resurrection packs a powerful punch. (3/5 stars)

From The Archives Issue 1221: November 6, 2014

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