Mere Women: Post-Punk but Not Post-Gender


(Crossposted from MTV Iggy, 10/7/2014)

Name: Mere Women

Where They’re From: Sydney, Australia

When They Started: 2010

Genre: Post-punk

For Fans Of: Total Control, Siouxsie and The Banshees, Delta 5

Sounds Like: An elegy played from inside a neon-lit cathedral

Actually made up of two women and one man, Mere Women transcend the humility of their name, even if it is a tongue-in-cheek jab at the patriarchy. They march to the cleverly syncopated beat of the drums, churn out eerie synth melodies and sign each bar with angular scribbles of guitar. The punky, baroque-flavored uncertainty that colored their 2012 debut, Old Life, is more carefully distilled with a stony discipline in their latest release, Your Town.

In “Our Street,” vocalist Amy Wilson calls out from behind her keyboard with a cutting question to a lover: “Will you still want me when I’m old and frail?” Drummer Katrina Byrne hammers out a deathly downbeat as Wilson swaps perspectives with a damning bellow: “I’ll trade you in, ’cause I want more,” she sings, “I will only need you while you’re beautiful.” Buried beneath layers of murky, electric fuzz lies a harsh critique of the general disposability of women, both in intimate relationships and society. Mere Women supply a soundtrack to gender inquiry that is as chilling as it is powerful.

Their album, Your Town is now available on Poison City Records.


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