Travel Back to 1979 with Spanish Punks Juanita Y Los Feos


(Crossposted from MTV Iggy, 9/11/2014)

Name: Juanita Y Los Feos

Where They’re From: Madrid, Spain

When They Started: 2004

Genre: Punk

For Fans Of: Siouxsie and the Banshees, Futuro, Good Throb

Sounds Like: If young Siouxsie Sioux spoke fluent Spanish and took over the Buzzcocks

They say they started in 2004, but Juanita Y Los Feos could arguably be visitors from another decade. Their 2014 LP, Nueva Numancia is one big smorgasbord of punk and new wave nostalgia, a homage to some of the finest sounds from 1979. Spooky synthesizers collide with swift surf punk licks, keeping the album both brooding but catchy enough to bring Bela Lugosi back from the dead. The synth sometimes reeks of cheesy ’80s kitsch, but it’s totally forgivable in the intro to the hair-raising power pop jam that is “Revolución Caníbal” (Cannibal Revolution). “Devour,” warns Juanita, “or you will be eaten.”

Clamoring above the tangled frenzy of guitar and bass, Juanita stays front and center with her brisk yet damning diatribes. Her anger seeps outward in “Escupe en La Tumba” (Spit On The Grave), delivering harsh words for those who undid the good work of revolutionaries past. She descends into nihilism in “Noche Más Negra” (Blackest Night), discarding dreams of a bright future and resigning herself to the sweeping maelstrom of the music as she repeats, “Everything is dark.” Whether you’re looking to sulk in your bedroom or slam dance into your enemies, Los Feos’ latest album provides a soundtrack that’s palatable to just about any weirdo with a dark side.


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  1. Travel Back to 1979 with Spanish Punks Juanita Y Los Feos | Looking for it

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