The Mallgoth Episode with Suzy X


Thanks to Eric and Edwina for inviting me as a guest in this week’s episode of Audio Imposition! Above is a photo of me reading from my 8th grade diary zine, AKA, Vol. 2 of The Mallgoth Chronicles. You can listen here and get a gist of the show below:

On the show we discussed Tarot cards, casual racism, the Girl Scouts, the revolutionary power of friendship, we had dramatic diary readings from Chronicles of an 8th Grade Mallgoth, The Greatest Band Ever,  the formative nature of Sailor Moon (new series on Hulu July 5th, btw), the Bechdel test, how much we love Downtown Boys, and we play a lot of mallgoth music.

The ~Mallgoth Playlist~ goes as follows:
  1. Kittie, “Charlotte”
  2. Pailhead, “Man Should Surrender”
  3. Marilyn Manson, “Tourniquet”
  4. AFI “Days Of The Phoenix”
  5. White Lung, “Snake Jaw”
  6. Hive Bent, “Relics of the Formstone Empire”
  7. Bleed the Pigs, “Stuck”
  8. Downtown Boys, “Maldito”
  9. Ovlov “There’s My Dini!”
  10. Tsunami Bomb, “Lemonade”

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