ARTIST SPOTLIGHT: Suzy X, Our Fave Grrrrl Rocker, Comic Artist, & Activist

Here’s an interview I just did recently for Luna Luna!

New York’s Suzy X is the frontwoman of the “Militant Feminist Revengecore” band Shady Hawkins (check the link at the bottom of the article for more info). She’s also a badass comics artist and activist for women’s rights. All tough, all action, Suzy sat down with us to talk about rocking out, comics, and her latest work at Girls Rock Camp down in Florida. Fierce, fearless, and fucking rad: Luna Luna loves everything Suzy’s about.

You are the frontwoman of a pretty rad band. Tell us about how Shady Hawkins got started. By the way, we love the bandname.

Haha, thanks! Shady Hawkins started the summer of 2010, as a casual musical project with my current partner, Mike Funk. We were both students at Eugene Lang College in New York City. We’d been making silly videos, in which he’d play guitar as I read from my old middle school diaries…

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