Video: Gay Panic, “Get Lost”

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In recent years, post-punk has returned with a more sullen, shoegazey vengeance than its last manifestation– the pop-infused dance-punk of the mid-2000s. The umbral tones of bands like Savages, Merchandise and A Place To Bury Strangers seem to convey the bitter ennui of a generation addled with an abysmal economy and an increasingly cloudy future. But tucked away in Brooklyn is Gay Panic, a self-described “queer wave” four-piece that combines a dissatisfaction in the present with a shot of hope for better times.

Vocalist Joshua Lerner channels David Byrne vibes with a more controlled, silky finesse, imparting secrets kept in closets, basements and friends’ cars. Guitarist Lior Hadar alternates between shrill, metallic riffs and more soft, lithe harmonies that sway alongside Phil Andrews’ buoyant basslines and Maggie Schreiner’s immaculate disco beat. Much like their post-punk foremothers the Au Pairs or Delta 5, they cleverly slip their social commentary into punchy, electric jams that you just can’t keep still to.

“Get Lost” is a track you can shimmy along to, next to the jukebox at your favorite bar. It might even embolden you to make bedroom eyes at the cutieĀ leaning against the wall in a bedazzled denim vest. But the message is a little more sobering: you can skip town, you can disappear for as long as you’d like– but you can’t shed who you are. And Gay Panic is here to let you know that they’ll love you all the more for it.

Check out more of Gay Panic’s music and tour dates here:

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